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Our business development processes are efficient and flexible, and we work to understand and accommodate collaborators’ needs.  Furthermore, many of our senior-level executives are engaged throughout all stages of the process to ensure early support and rapid decision-making. As a result, we can execute transactions quickly and with the full commitment of the organization.

Our business development team comprises three groups: (i) Search & Evaluation; (ii) Transactions and (iii) Alliance Management.  Our process usually begins with a technical evaluation of an opportunity by our Search & Evaluation group and a cross-functional team of scientists and physicians with strong knowledge of specific diseases.

The technical assessment is followed by thorough management discussions and in-depth due diligence to gain a better understanding of the opportunity. This stage of the process involves a cross-functional team that brings in expertise from the full range of functions within Vertex, ranging from early science to commercial.

During management discussions with a potential collaborator, we seek to understand a collaborator’s specific needs and objectives to enable us to think creatively about deal structures that align the interests of both parties.

During this process, our collaborators interact and meet with members of the Vertex management team to gain a good familiarity with our people, enabling a strong foundation for the collaboration. 

Collaborating After the Deal

Submitting Your Opportunity

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