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Vertex Grants and Donations

Vertex considers grant requests for support of various educational programs and provides donations to nonprofit agencies and charities. We also provide organizational sponsorships, corporate memberships and funds in support of patient initiatives.  

Please note: All submissions and supporting documents must be in English.

Vertex Grant Philosophy

Vertex is committed to supporting programs that educate healthcare professionals and raise disease awareness in the countries in which we operate. In addition, we support nonprofit organizations that help people living with diseases on which we focus our research, particularly cystic fibrosis (CF). In communities in which our facilities are located, both in the U.S. and other countries, we support programs that enhance science, math, and health education, as well as support local organizations that aid underserved or disadvantaged populations.

Types of Grants

Note: Vertex is not currently accepting grant applications focused on hepatitis C from U.S. applicants.

Independent Medical Education:
Independent Medical Education grants support programs and/or materials for healthcare professionals that aim to sharpen and expand their skills and knowledge with the goal of improved patient outcomes. Vertex will consider medical education that is high-quality, balanced, scientifically rigorous, free from commercial influence or bias and, in regions where applicable, compliant with the PhRMA Code, FDA, ACCME, OIG, or other applicable laws. Independent medical education includes educational programs for healthcare professionals provided by accredited organizations.

At this time, Vertex is accepting grants in the area of CF that focus on the following learning objectives:

Cystic Fibrosis Educational Learning Objectives

Understanding the basic defect in cystic fibrosis:

  • CFTR gene and protein (biomarkers and function)
  • Functional implication of different mutations
  • Relationship between genotype and phenotype
  • Mechanisms of action
  • Implications of CFTR in the body

Emerging treatment, including:

  • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Treatment options
  • Personalized medicine
  • Lung function testing

Charitable Donations:
Charitable donations support certified nonprofit groups whose activities and programs enhance science, math, and health education; patient education and advocacy initiatives; and local organizations that aid underserved or disadvantaged populations.

Charitable Goals

  • Support science, math and health education in our local communities
  • Provide support to charitable institutions in the research and medical areas in which Vertex has the greatest interest, particularly CF
  • Provide support to the local community, particularly by supporting organizations that aid underserved or disadvantaged populations

Sponsorships generally support an organization’s specific event or activity, such as a scientific or professional meeting offering various levels of funding opportunities (gold, silver, bronze); community health fair; or table at a fundraising or awards event.

Corporate Memberships:
Vertex also considers requests to become a corporate member of an entity or organization.

NOTE: Vertex is unable to provide grants to individuals. Additionally, all submissions and supporting documents must be in English.  

Generally, applications for funding must be submitted with complete information at least 60 days prior to the start date of the activity, event, program or service that it will support.

Types of Organizations Vertex Supports
Vertex will consider grant applications from the following types of organizations:
• ACCME accredited providers of CME
• Healthcare institutions
• Certified nonprofit organizations and patient advocacy groups
• Professional medical societies

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